Welcome to London

London is one of the richest historical cities in Europe, as well as a business hub. This city is also known as the centre of an extreme property boom and consequent rise in house prices. Moreover London will host the next Olympic Games, which attracts planners and investors from all over the world. It definitely is a big European construction site and the British Government expects that the building industry will contribute to its sustainable development which is bound to include building automation. BACnet can definitely be identified as a solution for achieving this aim.

Why a BACnet Forum in the UK

BIG-EU sees growing demand
“What are the capabilities of BACnet?”
“The trend in the UK market is towards the adoption of open
communication protocols, with BACnet leading the way.”
“The UK market has a considerable potential: 75 percent of the
control systems are proprietary. BACnet represents 21 percent,
LONWORKS just 4 percent”.
“Despite the relatively low penetration levels of BACnet in UK
compared to other European countries, (for example Germany
34%), it is expected to grow swiftly as BACnet products are
launched by major manufacturers.”
(Jeremy Towler)