Increasing the Value of Properties with BACnet

The intelligent building market in the United Kingdom reaches out for BACnet. The increasing number of requests to the BIG-EU on the capabilities of BACnet indicates a growing demand.

Therefore we are delighted to invite you to our first BACnet Forum London that takes on April 13th, 2011.

The Forum is organized in association with CIBSE - the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers. It is the first independent BACnet event in the United Kingdom since 10 years. Again it will be a meeting point for the markets in the UK, Europe and America – and more than ever a concourse for specifiers, planners, integrators, facility managers, owners, investors and providers of open building automation devices and systems.

“Increasing the Value of Properties with BACnet – Successful Interoperability and Building Systems Integration” is our intention and so is the title of the Forum. We clearly focus on the benefits of BACnet for sustainable buildings in terms of construction and retrofitting. The capabilities of BACnet for efficient building management systems will be reported – complimented by BACnet best practices in the UK and from abroad. A unique exhibition with the newest BACnet controllers and workstations, and with an expertise precisely focused on the design of open building communication, completes the program.

London as the site of the Olympic Games in 2012 is one of the big European construction areas. The British Government expects that the building industry will contribute to a sustainable development. BACnet enables integrated solutions for achieving this aim.

We invite you to become a sponsor of this unique BACnet event. Highlight your business and present your products and solutions to a professional audience you would otherwise not be able to meet anywhere else at the same time! Seize this chance to confirm your BACnet expertise and strengthen your position on the British market!

We look forward to seeing you in London.

The Executive Board of the BACnet Interest Group Europe (BIG-EU)

Volker Röhl
Bill Swan
Gijs de Koning
Board member
Klaus Wächter