The last BACnet Forums were held in Beijing and Shanghai successfully. While the BACnet Forum Beijing 2009 was held in Oct. 2009 with 180 participants, the BACnet Interest Group China (BIG-CN) was formed. These two events had a great effect on building automation in China. Some media reported that the Forum Beijing was "one of the most important events for the intelligent building industry in China in 2009 ". On the second BACnet Forum in Shanghai 2010 many sponsors and participants asked us to use the opportunity presented by the Guangzhou Electrical Building Technology Exhibition from June 9th to 12th, 2011 to hold the first BACnet joint booth in Guangzhou, on which many manufacturers, system integrators, researchers, consultants, facility managers, developers and business users visited the BACnet joint booth and registered to participate the third BACnet Forum in Hong Kong on November 10th, 2011.


BACnet已經分別在北京和上海成功的舉辦了兩屆論壇。在2009年10月舉行的到場人數高達180人的BACnet北京論壇上, BACnet中國利益集團(BIG-CN)成立。這兩大活動對中國的樓宇自控事業有很大的影響力。衆多媒體紛紛報道,北京論壇是2009年度智能建築行業中最重要的活動之壹。應2010年BACnet上海論壇的贊助商和參會者的積極要求,我們在2011年6月9日至12日的廣州國際建築電氣工程展覽會上推出了BACnet的第壹次聯合展台,此次展台吸引了衆多來訪者,如:制造商、系統集成商、研究人員、顧問、設施經理、 開發人員和企業用戶。並且,大部分來訪者都紛紛填表報名參加2011年11月10日舉辦的香港論壇。